DELTA Safety analyzes your line processes and the associated material and equipment handling in detail and introduces modern safety technol-ogy so cleverly that the line operators benefit from maximum safety and the line owner from maximum production. We call this process-ori-ented safety technology. And our Functional Safety Experts are certified by the German TÜV for this.

Your contact person:

Peter Voß

+49 (0) 203 / 48545-0

Services at a glance

  • comprehensive analysis of the line processes
  • risk analyses (MRL)
  • risk assessments (BetrSichV)
  • component-neutral safety-related implementation
  • validation of the safety functions
  • CE-documentation


DELTA Technik's process-oriented safety technology applies to:

  • new coil processing lines
  • revamps and upgrades of existing lines
  • stand-alone lines
  • coupled lines
  • complex, integrated manufacturing systems